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Cromwell's and Greene's conduct fostered a fear of retaliation among certain players and staff at the Pride. The League should request mutual cooperation and informationsharing from U.S. Soccer and other organizations to ensure the League is made aware of findings of misconduct concerning candidates seeking employment in the NWSL. Levine explained that, at that time, her role in investigations was unclear and that her only instruction was to ensure the League was informed of investigation results by clubs because of its direct employment relationship with players. Club leaders should have a plan to model and implement their commitment to player well-being, and the NWSL should vigilantly guard against leadership behavior that may discourage reporting or suggest disregard for player safety. C. This assessment of players' many other concerns underplayed the fact that players had raised several corroborated concerns and that the investigator had identified some of these concerns as requiring remediation. I also pitch in with coverage of college basketball and the WNBA. 87, When the NWSL distributed its Anti-Harassment Policy in April 2021, it was not accompanied by any training. F. After Riley joined the Thorns, he targeted Thorns player Mana Shim. On one occasion at his house, Holly grabbed Simon's breasts while Pearce Rampone was present but had her back turned. The NWSL should consider creating an Alternative Complaint Resolution program as an additional resource to address conduct that is not covered by the Anti-Harassment Policy. This appears to be in part due to uncertainty surrounding which entity or entities bore responsibility for developing policies of this nature. Harrington also made inappropriate comments about players' appearance and bodies, including wondering aloud what a player's hair looks like when she gets out of the shower, and giving disparaging nicknames to players he perceived as unattractive. The League and Clubs Failed to Take Adequate Steps to Protect Players in Hiring and Filling Positions Incorporate Anti-Retaliation Training Into Other Mandatory Trainings Anti-retaliation training should define retaliation and emphasize that retaliation can take many forms-not just termination of employment or formal discipline. It didn't matter that the girls had other jobs-this team was their life." Horan also said "the French coach was very brutal with it." 3. A player on another team recalled that when her team was divided into groups, an assistant coach commented that one of the groups of players was the prettiest and most attractive group. It's a vicious cycle." Craig Harrington: The former Utah Royals coach is reported to have. Even following the League's adoption of an Anti-Harassment Policy, players faced inconsistent policies at the club and NWSL levels governing conduct by NWSL stakeholders. On Tuesday, one player, who attended the dinner and was expected to start in the day's game, became ill during the warm-up. After several months, the staff member notified the club of the romantic relationship with the player and resigned. The National Women's Soccer League and NWSL Players' Association have published their joint investigation into abuse allegations across the league. In keeping with the Joint Investigative Team's commitment to take a trauma-informed, survivorcentered approach, the Joint Investigative Team did not pressure any current or former player to participate in the investigation. E. Players Lacked Effective Channels for Reporting Inappropriate 3. Clarkson was suspended in April amid an ongoing investigation, but until Wednesday, no reasons were provided publicly. During her tenure as NWSL president, Amanda Duffy was made aware of, but failed to act on, Shim's 2015 complaint against Riley and the subsequent investigation conducted by the Thorns. 69, that would allow us to travel home." A staff member at the club said that Baldwin "[got] protective and [dug] his claws in about people. 5 Later that night, Bates texted Starr informing her he spoke to Racing Louisville Executive Vice President James O'Connor and Racing Louisville President Brad Estes about the sexual harassment, and they needed to know who the player was. According to the USSF Dames Report, Dames admitted that he used the term "thug" to refer to a Black player but adamantly denied any racial intent. A report organized by the league and its players union added yet more stinging information about how the league was mismanaged and how it mistreated its players. coach, and Alyse LaHue, the former general manager of Gotham F.C., each received two-year suspensions from the league. 4. When the Thorns's investigation was complete, Lisa Levine forwarded to Plush the email from the Thorns's counsel containing the determination that the 2015 investigation revealed no unlawful harassment." From her perspective, the concerns about Dames were not an emergency situation because the players identified as Dames's primary targets were no longer with the team" and the issues involved "older conduct." 1, systemic issues that contributed to, and were perpetuated by, those instances of misconduct. The player wondered, "How the hell am I going to lose 10 to 15 pounds without starving myself? Players were aware not only of the NWSL's uncertain future, but also of the precariousness of their own individual futures within the NWSL. The club also wrote to the Joint Investigative Team that Johnson and Malik spoke with Plush from the NWSL, with Gulati and Flynn from U.S. Soccer, and with Paulson from the Thorns. The same article reported that Horan said Benstiti and his staff were just terrible about discussing fitness goals and told players, You need to lose weight, you need to get thinner, you need to run more." Other misconduct, which this Report discusses in detail below, has not received as much, if any, public attention. Revise the Anti-Harassment Policy to Address Microaggressions and Racist and Derogatory Language According to Novo, after his conversation with ownership, he met with Holly and told him it was "time to move on." The League should also require that any non-disclosure and non-disparagement provisions allow for the disclosure of information to law enforcement. The world of professional soccer, and professional sports more broadly, presents unique questions about what constitutes inappropriate conduct by coaches and other staff. Wahlke agreed that the investigation proceeded stepwise and also stressed that the investigator had trouble contacting players during the off-season and the 2019 World Cup. "Inattentiveness, neglect, and concealment allow misconduct to fester," the report's conclusion reads. They told O'Connor that they would really appreciate if this was kept confidential." Although Racing Louisville spoke to both Temares and Smoot about Holly, both Temares and Smoot only recalled discussing that Holly's departure related to his alleged relationship with Pearce Rampone. Dames told the investigator this was not retaliatory, though Dames said he understood why the player felt retaliated against. Cone told the Joint Investigative Team that prior to her discussion with Malik, she had received a phone call from a player agent stating that Riley had previously acted "inappropriate[ly]" towards a Thorns player. 11, In 2018, the League voluntarily recognized the NWSLPA as the exclusive bargaining representative for all players who signed a standard player agreementin other words, all players except players allocated to the League by the USWNT. The NWSL should consider expanding and further supporting formal pipelines for former and current players who are interested in coaching and support those players in their pursuit of coaching positions, beyond the current The League did not have standing meetings with the NWSLPA, and communications remained informal and irregular. Simon trained with Holly and Pearce Rampone during this time. Multiple players reported that there was an overlap between these players and those who had been vocal at the meeting. One player recalled that she and her teammates were told by their club, "People would die to be in [your] shoes," and that if the players had issues with the club or the League, they don't have a problem waiving you." According to Temares's and Smoot's accounts, neither had the information necessary to share that others in Sky Blue leadership were aware of complaints that Holly screamed at and verbally abused players. Wilkins, Estes, O'Connor, and outside legal counsel met with Holly later that day and terminated his employment. For at least one player, the limited size and resources of the League contributed to an impression that clubs were solely or primarily responsible for handling investigations. Another player also reported that Williams said, I'm going to ream her, I'm going to rip Now, league leadership must make meaningful changes: sources tell ESPN that the NWSL board received the report at the same time as it was released to the public, but in terms of timing, some of the report's recommendations could well be in place before the start of the 2023 season. Other individuals disputed this characterization. mentally" and could not perform at her best for the rest of the year. The player stated that Burke's lack of emotional control was "very regular." As described in detail below, the Joint Investigative Team contacted and interviewed stakeholders representing a variety of perspectives, including current and former players, coaches and other club staff, NWSL employees and officials, U.S. Soccer officials, NWSLPA and U.S. Women's National Team Players Association (USWNTPA) leadership, and other members of the professional soccer community. Some club policies also were less protective of players than the NWSL Anti-Harassment Policy. OL was supportive of the decision to hire Benstiti, who had been employed as a head coach for OL from 2001-10. Benstiti did not respond to the Joint Investigative Team's request to speak with him. a) Club Anti-Harassment Policies Emphasized Unlawful Harassment One player recalled that Riley held film sessions in a These aren't criminal issues, they're behavior issues." When Starr asked Simon how Holly had touched her inappropriately, Starr recalled Simon stating that Holly had "put his hands down her pants" while watching film at the stadium, and that if she "messed up," Holly would "hold it against her." At the start of 2022, with the termination of U.S. Soccer's allocation system, the NWSLPA expanded its representation to include USWNT players competing in the NWSL. Dames's behavior to U.S. Soccer's investigator. Paulson told the Joint Investigative Team he thought it would be important to Malik that, from Paulson's perspective, the Thorns accurately announced that Riley's contract would expire at the end of the 2015 season. Another player explained that she had dealt with coaches yelling in the past, but what set Holly apart was that there was "such a shift" and he would "lose control." Provide Leadership Training to Coaches g) She was surprised then when the club's HR personnel emailed staff and the players who raised concerns to schedule a meeting for them to discuss the issues collectively. Moreover, investigations into allegations of misconduct should not be limited to assessing whether "unlawful harassment" occurred. 89, Racing Louisville's management said that when the club notified the League that it finished its investigation into former Head Coach Christy Holly, Baird told the club to pause so the League could investigate. The same is true of the Red Stars's hiring of Rory Dames as their head coach. One player reported that Dames extended frequent social invitations, inviting players to get lunch or ice cream with him. The Joint Investigative Team found, for example, that club staff in positions of power made inappropriate sexual remarks to players, mocked players' bodies, pressured players to lose unhealthy amounts of weight, crossed professional boundaries with players, and created volatile and manipulative working conditions. 44, words, speaking to individuals who were critical of Dames and those supportive of him. Alyse LaHue WUSA enjoyed initial success, with all-star lineups, television exposure, and high attendance at games. C. The NWSLPA also established a 24-hour anonymous reporting system through which players could report abuse, and invited reports directly to the NWSLPA, the Joint Investigative Team, or to the NWSLPA's counsel at Weil. Malik later called her back and stated there had apparently been an incident involving two players kissing in front of Riley. The NWSL has recently hired an experienced general counsel, but it should ensure that it has the necessary resources and additional HR and Legal staff with experience in conducting sensitive investigations and expertise in DEI issues to fulfill its investigatory duties under the 2022 AntiHarassment Policy. On multiple occasions, misconduct directed at NWSL players was reported to U.S. Soccer but inadequately investigated or addressed. Farrelly described this as a build-up with Riley. Through counsel, the Thorns emailed Levine a copy of the report with its attachments.

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